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Face and Body Treatments

At Yon-Ka, we believe that pleasure and efficacy must complement each other in order to create the most favourable treatment conditions. Therefore, the sensorial aspect of our treatments is at the core of all our protocols. Our rituals are designed to be providing true skin care ceremonies.

The Yon-Ka brand name is synonymous with both luxury and results.


Ritual Body Sculpt & Lymph Method

Exclusive and unique, it works like an immediate manual liposculpture with effective results seen in the very first session.


This is the most advanced treatment that provides a real body change, by shaping it providing measurements reduction, drains the body toxins and reduces and even eliminates the cellulite.

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Yon-Ka, as a 100% French professional skin care brand, provides an alternative answer and a complement to the medical aesthetic techniques and ensure visible and long-lasting results with non-aggressive treatments. Yon-Ka offers every person a customized solution and the promise of a striking and immediately visible result at all ages in life.

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