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  • What is your return policy?
    At Beauty Sense Australia, we are committed to helping you achieve the beautiful skin you deserve. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, please call our Consumer Care Team at 0421 649 565 or e-mail us at Returns will only be accepted within 30 days of original purchase. Beauty Sense Australia reviews each return case by case, and returns/refunds are subject to the discretion of Beauty Sense Australia. We will gladly accept the return of any unused item purchased on We cannot accept items that have been opened unless the product is damaged or defective. In case of damaged, defective or incorrect item, please contact us immediately for assistance at Items must be returned to us, unopened and in original packaging, with all accessories, within 30 days of the original purchase date. If a Product Set is being returned, all products in the Set must be returned. If your order contained a gift with purchase, all products composing the gift with purchase must be returned along with the items you wish to return. How To Return Your Product: 1. Place unwanted items in the original packaging; if possible, make sure to include a copy of the packing slip. We recommend using protective packing to minimize any damage to the product. Remove any other labels from the package. 2. Send the package to the following address: Beauty Sense Australia Consumer Care Suite 409, 190 Oxford St Bulimba, QLD, 4171 *Please remember to include your return address in the top left corner. 3. We recommend that you insure the package when sending and retain the receipt. BSA is not responsible for return postage, the cost of insurance, or lost or undelivered items. 4. Please allow 14 business days for BSA to receive and process your return. We will credit or refund the purchase price paid by you for the item(s) plus any tax paid on the item(s), less any discounts, rebates, credits or refunds already given to you in connection with such products. In the event that you return part of a kit, we will credit or refund the portion of the purchase price allocable to the product you are returning. The original shipping and handling charges, if any, will not be refunded. 5. If you purchased Yon-Ka Paris products at a spa/salon, please first contact that spa/salon directly to inquire about their return policy. If you have any difficulties, please contact us at 0421 649 565 or e-mail us at How To Return Your Damaged Product: 1.Please contact our Consumer Care Team at 0421 649 565 or e-mail us at for return instructions. Exchanges: Exchanges need to be processed as a return, funds will be credited to the original payment method. A new order will need to be placed for a new product. Gift Order-If you received your order as a gift it needs to be processed as a return. The refund will be credited to the original payment method. A new order will need to be placed for a new product.
  • Is YonKa Paris a natural product?
    NATURE Since its creation, Yon-Ka has chosen to always use natural actives, plant extracts, essential oils and ingredients issued from biotechnology. At Yon-Ka, our priority is to provide visible and lasting results, by giving back the skin its natural ability to regain and maintain its balance, its health and its beauty, and acting in an effective manner on its dermatological issues and aging process. They do not contain parabens, aluminum salts, SLS, MIT, or Triclosan. -Produced in a “white zone” (cleanroom) with filter air; pharmaceutical standards -Yon-Ka follows GMP and ISO 22716 standards Cruelty Free Composed of 92% natural ingredients, on average, each one carefully selected and tested, our 70 face and body care products favour certified organic ingredients and vegan and gluten-free formulas. PHYTOTHERAPY Plant cell actives; revered for many actions that are key to exceptional products and are primarily grown using organic methods. In the early years of the brand, Plant extracts provided important yet humble actions for the skin: Remineralize, hydrate, nourish, repair/strengthen, etc. In recent years, Research & Development advancements have amplified the longevity actions of phytotherapy, i.e. the ability to preserve and repair the skin’s infrastructures. Longevity actions include: Fight inflamm’aging and glycation, telomere protection, ATP synthesis, etc. AROMATHERAPY The therapeutic usage of essential oils to restore skin’s natural energies. The sourcing and blending of the essential oils makes the difference between a good product and an exceptional one. Essential oils are light, dry oils that do not need encapsulation to enhance their delivery into the skin. Benefits to the skin are complimented by the scent/sensory actions of essential oils, therefore, effects are felt by both the body and the mind. They bring the sun’s energy to the skin, promoting numerous benefits: Anti-bacterial Healthy circulation Detoxifies Drains/lymphatics QUINTESSENCE The Yon-Ka Quintessence is the DNA of the brand: it provides a unique olfactory experience, this exclusive active complex is the cornerstone of the Yon-Ka collection of products. It is always pre-dosed to ensure perfect tolerance and optimum results, and it completes and enhances the efficacy of the actives it is combined with. This unique and unparalleled elixir is a true multi-active beauty concentrate. It combines 5 fundamental essential oils in concentrations that have been precisely measured to provide the most perfect synergy: Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Cypress, and Thyme Together they work in an “entourage effect” to treat, heal, and restore the skin. 70% of the product collection contains Quintessence in addition to their other active ingredients.
  • Is YonKa socially responsible?
    SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE Yon-Ka respects nature, it’s the basis of our products. When it comes to its packaging, Yon-Ka uses card-board from trees that are managed and handled in a sustainable manner by a Swedish company which belongs in the top 100 most sustainably oriented companies in the world, according to the rating of the United Nations Worldwide pact. Primary packaging is plastic alternative/bio-resin and is recyclable Secondary packaging is recycled cardboard In addition, Yon-Ka helps sponsor beehives with the Association “Un Toit pour les Abeilles” (A Shelter for Bees”), in order to help support bee populations and combat the alarming loss of pollinating insects. Yon-Ka is committed to not using endangered plants or that are essential food resources of local populations and/or necessary to their wellbeing.
  • What is the Sheila Perez Method?
    Sheila Perez Method focuses on remodelling the body both inside and out. A mix of vigorous lymphatic massage techniques are used to reshape body contours, break down cellulite and improve the appearance and health of the body.
  • Is Sheila Perez Method a lymphatic drainage treatment?
    The Sheila Perez method is a more specialised form of lymphatic drainage massage that aims to reinvent this type of massage all while helping detoxify the body, eliminate fluids, cellulite and stimulate the bowel function.
  • Is Sheila Perez Method safe during pregnanacy?
    Ideal for pregnancy after the first trimester when your legs can feel heavy and swollen. Sheila Perez Method significantly reduces swelling of the legs, helps to boost your immune system, keeping away viruses from your baby. It significantly reduces oedema, water retention and swelling in your limbs. It drains excess fluid of the area, making you feel less heavy and tired, and giving you more comfort.
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