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Society Isle offers holistic, wellbeing treatments and products, with visible results after the very first treatment.

The inspiration of the name SOCIETY ISLE, came from Society Islands, part of French Polynesia.

Above all, the islands are known for their olfactory landscape. 

YonKa Paris skincare is aromatherapy based to treat the skin, body and mind.

Also Tahiti (the largest island in French Polynesia) means "somewhere other than here' so it is magical and mystical.

And recently, I learned the SHEILA PEREZ METHOD, from Sheila Perez in Miami, a coastal metropolis. A treatment that provides a real body change, by shaping it providing measurements reduction, drains the body toxins and reduces and even eliminates the cellulite. 

Plus my other offering of Kahuna massage originated from Polynesia.

My love for Yon-Ka Paris began when I chose to use it at the Aqua Spa at Shoal Bay Resort and Spa in NSW,

that I set up and  managed, 15 years ago. Clients from all over Australia became loyal fans of Yon-Ka.


I have trained in Paris and trained many therapists in Australia how to perform the holistic Yon-Ka Paris skincare treatments.

I will now continue on my journey of doing what I truly love, by providing my clients with holistic Yon-Ka Paris treatments

that provide visible results after the very first treatment.

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