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Bask in your skin’s natural glow with this revitalizing cream that protects and nourishes dry skin. With an invigorating grapefruit fragrance and an astringent blend of citrus essential oils, this any time of day radiance booster is a true shot of energy that lights up the complexion, defends against aging, and tightens pores. It is rich in vitamin C and is especially recommended for dull, lifeless skin.

Pamplemousse PS Protective, Vitalizing Cream

  • The anti-dull complexion beauty step

    In the morning, indulge your skin with this reviving cream with citruses essential oils : comfort and freshness galore...
    Apply it after cleansing onto the face and neck.

    According to your skins needs, depending on the seasons, you can also mix 1 or 2 pumps of the booster of your choice
    HYDRA + for enhanced hydration,
    NUTRI + to provide more nourishment to your skin ,
    LIFT + to promote firming or
    DÉFENSE + to protect your skin.

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