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Thanks to the rosemary combined to the YON-KA Quintessence, this cream provides freshness and glow to the skin.

Rosemary invigorates the skin and thightens the pores. The skin texture is refined and the features are smoothed.

Beech buds peptides help restructure and smoothe the skin while hazelnut oil combined to aloe vera nourish and hydrate it to ensure maximum comfort.

Phyto 52 Firming cream

  • At night after cleansing and spraying the LOTION YON-KA mist , apply the PHYTO 52 cream over the face and neck.

    For an intensive anti-slackening course of treatments, combine PHYTO 52 with LIFT+ booster .

    For an intensive firming and nutrition program, combine it with NUTRI+ during the day, and with LIFT+ if deemed necessary at night .

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